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Doctor Ivan Ferrero

Psychologist Psychotherapist

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I have a Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from 2003.

I mastered in:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (2001)
  • Bioenergetic Treatment (2009)
  • Bioenergetic Analysis (2010)
  • Biodinamic Treatment (2011)

I learned the Basic programming at 9 yo many years before I had my first computer (at 12 yo), then I never stopped.
I always lived two Worlds: the offline and the online, while I was studying the human being and his mind.

Now I merge Psychology and New Technologies.

We entered a hyperconnected World: this is our future.

I partner with many Companies related to Internet and New Technologies.
My researches focus on Internet, New Technologies and how they impact our lives and our minds.

I study about how teens uses the New Technologies, and I offer online parenting services about that.

In this site I talk about all of these topics.

I also talk about related issues such as

  • Internet Addiction
  • Hikikomori Syndrome
  • Online Gambling
  • Online Dating
  • Distance Relationships

The other side of my services are Emotions Management related issues.

I help people to:

  • Manage their Emotions and make them to be helpful in their Life
  • Find the meaning in their Life
  • Connect the dots in their Life
  • Find the Energy inside and put it at work in their Life
  • Re-discover themselves in a new way (and unlocking their Life)

Are you ready to start your Journey?

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